Mozilla is testing out a truly private browsing mode for Firefox


One area where Firefox has always been a market leader is privacy, no other web browser comes close to achieving the same level of privacy options and extension, not to mention the fact that it’s open-source. Mozilla thinks it can do more though, which is why it’s now testing a new private browsing mode for Firefox that not only deletes your browsing history and download history, it also blocks all kinds of online trackers.

Mozilla is testing a new private browsing mode in Firefox that doesn’t just keep no trace of your porn browsing habits on your machine but that also blocks online services that could track you while you’re surfing the web. That’s not unlike what plug-ins like Ghostery and the EFF’s Privacy Badger can do for you, but Firefox now combines that with its own incognito mode. This new experimental feature is now available in the Firefox Developer Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as the Firefox Aurora channel on Android. “Our hypothesis is that when you open a Private Browsing window in Firefox you’re sending a signal that you want more control over your privacy than current private browsing experiences actually provide,” the Firefox team writes today. Even when you are in the private browsing mode, after all, online services can still track you through techniques like fingerprinting, even when they don’t have access to all of the cookies on your machine.

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