Ms Tech is a new smart necklace for your significant other

We still have a few weeks to go before everyone’s favorite, or least favorite depending on who you ask, holiday comes up: Valentine’s Day. In preparation for this, Chinese startup MT has decided to blend romance and technology into the Ms Tech, a new smart necklace that the company hope you’ll be presenting to your significant other next month. 

Valentine’s Day is still a month away, but the wise lover knows it’s never too early to start getting ready. To that end, meet Ms Tech, the smart necklace that Chinese tech startup MT hopes you’ll be wrapping around your girlfriend’s neck next month. The necklace, which has just launched on Chinese crowdfunding platform DemoHour, comes in three colors: gold, silver, and black. It has little LED lights around its circular face that can light up to display the time in an attractive but difficult-to-read sort of way, and show how far you’ve come on the day’s exercise goals. Inside the necklace is a sensor, and when connected to an app on your iOS or Android smartphone, the necklace can tell more detailed information like how far you’ve walked or run and how many calories you’ve burned. It can also do some basic sleep tracking.

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