MSN users to move to Skype on March 15


MSN users to move to Skype on March 15

As our needs for technology have moved far beyond text or have been integrated into other sites that offer us more capabilities for communicating and socializing, the well-known MSN Messenger that many of us may have started using back in the 90’s as we too would have had a Hotmail email then too, is bidding us ado come March 15.

Their well over 100 million users will be transferred over to the more modernized version of messaging, the VOIP service, Skype. As a user of MSN Messenger of today or long ago; if you ever happened to have a login, you may be receiving emails requesting for you to begin shifting your account over to Skype prior to the nearing deadline.

Although Microsoft MSN Messenger is shutting down, Microsoft will not feel the loss since they bought Skype last year for roughly $8.5 billion US (S$10.43 billion). Now they are making the move to rid of MSN Messenger and spend their efforts on their new purchase as they encourage old users to become new ones again and as they move forward they hope MSN Messenger users will too.

All MSN Messenger users will globally move to Skype on March 15 (except China).

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  1. First Microsoft had to strip MSN Messenger of it’s best features, now they’re killing it. Might as well kill off all of MSN. I wish we still had Odigo

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