National Geographic brings its custom cartography to Google Maps

National Geographic has long contributed photos and article links to Google Maps, but it’s now deepening that commitment by introducing its own cartography. The magazine is using Google Maps Engine to share over 500 of its historical and reference maps with the public, including interactive overlays. You can see what Medieval England looked like, for example, or find tourist hotspots in South America. All of these maps are free to use through Google’s platform; National Geographic is only charging for high-resolution and printed copies to help fund its non-profit efforts.

Founded in 1888, National Geographic Society aims to inspire people to care about the planet. As one of the world’s largest nonprofit scientific and educational organizations, we’ve funded more than 10,000 research, conservation and exploration projects. Maps and geography are integral to everything we do; it’s even part of our name. Over our long history, we’ve created and published more than 800 reference, historic and travel maps. 

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