Netflix has created a Flappy Bird clone to promote Orange Is The New Black

Want to feel as frustrated as some of the women from Orange Is The New Black? Looking to take a break from the new season? Well Netflix has put together the perfect annoying time waster with their very own clone of Flappy Bird called Feisty Chicken. In the game, you take the role of the legendary chicken that eluded the cast in season one and navigate your way through the prison fences. So basically Flappy Bird with barbed wire instead of Mario pixels. Play the game over here and reminiscence about that time when Flappy Bird disappeared from the market, allowing folks to write articles upon articles about it and poison the well. I hate myself.

The elusive chicken, an urban legend for the imprisoned women at Litchfield in Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, is now the star of a Flappy Bird game clone. Mere hours before Netflix debuts OITNB season two Friday at 12:01 a.m. PT, the streaming service launched Feisty Chicken, a mashup of the Internet’s favorite time-sucking entities. “She flew the coop a long time ago, but she’s always on the run,” reads the game’s instructions. “Living off the land, living off her wits and hunted by the women of Litchfield. Guide Feisty Chicken through obstacles by tapping, clicking or hitting the spacebar.” The game’s launch screen features the show’s lead character Piper Chapman and disgraced prison head cook Galina “Red” Reznikov chasing the chicken. In season one’s fifth episode — “The Chickening” — Red memorably offered a gift to any inmate who caught the chicken, sending everyone into a frenzy.

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