Netflix vs. Redbox


Netflix vs. Redbox

What is the future of your entertainment consumption? We know movie theaters aren’t going anywhere despite how awful 3D is and the mounting ticket prices, but what about movie rentals and online streaming? To give you an idea, we are comparing two of the biggest players in movie rentals to help you decide which option is more worth the money. Just make sure that if you go with the rental option, your renters insurance covers destroyed dvds!

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  1. Competition is always good to the consumer both have their advantages and disadvantages as you have obviously pointed out and at the end of the day both are probably going to be in business for years to come. There is a market for people who want a service like Netflix and there is a market for people who like to use Redbox, I don’t see one overtaking the other but I do see myself watching movies at any moment in time thanks to these services.

  2. I’m willing to bet the selection of new releases from Red Box completely beats the selection over at Netflix. I haven’t seen a new release in Months in streaming or Dvd. Those 100,000 titles are all old releases from years ago.

  3. Nice post, would of never of seen it on the website. I’ll have to start coming around your site more.

    About the comparison though, these guys really seem biased on the price comparison. It nowhere near comes to difference they report. In reality, it’s equal, and if you are not renting movies regularly, then Redbox may even be better. We did an updated infographic to make this point:

  4. My family is pretty spontaneous when it comes to watching moves. For this reason we prefer Redbox. With Netflix we would get a movie and it would lay around for a week or two and we would never watch it. We would much rather pick out a movie on Friday night and watch it.

  5. It is now 8$ for streaming + 8$ for rentals with Netflix.  If you take a movie home, watch it, and return it the next day, you will be watching a max of 10 movies a month. (it’s two day from when you turn it in till you get the next one: day one: you recieve a dvd, day two you send it back, day three they recieve the DVD and ship a new one out)    They don’t have any new titles either.  So I get streaming from Netflix, I go to Redbox if I want to see something that came out of DVD in the last 6 months.

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