Networking technologies: from launch to cloud


 You might not realize it, but the history of networks goes back to 1973, when Ethernet was invented at Xerox.  The “Blue Book” of Ethernet standards was developed in 1980, which paved the way for the internet as we now know it.

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In the early years of the internet, new technology was developed that paved the way for cloud computing.  InfiniBand is used to connect thousands of data centers, which has allowed for the development of cloud-based computing.

Standard ethernet procedures are still used for home and smaller networks.  They are reliable, low-cost, easy to install, and have many manufacturers and are therefore readily available.  The downside is that these networks are static and slow to adapt to changes.  They are not the best networks available for the transition to cloud computing.

InfiniBand, on the other hand, delivers faster performance and less energy consumption.  It is price-competitive and highly efficient, and is highly adaptable to the transition to cloud based computing.

Check out this infographic for an outline of the history of networks and how they have led to the creation and popularity of the cloud.  You might be surprised how far back the history of the cloud goes.  Share this infographic with your friends and colleagues and join in the conversation.

Cloud Computing Networks InfiniBand ProfitBricks

Infographic image courtesy of Profitbricks

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