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New app helps fight unfair parking tickets

Up to 50 percent of parking tickets are dismissed when fought in court, but it takes knowledge and time to do it. New app Fixed will do it for you. Take a photo of your ticket, Fixed contests it, and if it’s dismissed, you pay Fixed 25 percent of the ticket price. If Fixed loses, you pay it nothing, so there’s nothing to lose. Fixed just launched in San Francisco, but wants to fight tickets nationwide.

It was the sixth parking ticket that did it. One morning David Hegarty paid four San Francisco Metro Parking Authority tickets, only to return to his car and find two more. “I nearly screamed,” Hegarty said in an email to the Daily Dot. “The tickets were complete bullshit, and I knew they had been erroneously issued. So I figured out how to contest them, collected my evidence, and submitted my appeal. I won both.” Hegarty felt empowered by taking a stand, and it sparked an idea. A few months ago, he and two partners launched a new app called Fixed that helps you contest parking tickets. Right now the app is in Beta for a limited number of users in the San Francisco area, but there’s plans to roll it out to the top 100 cities in the U.S.

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