New app prevent skids from ignoring their parents’ phone calls


If you’re a parent whose kids are old enough to own a phone, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when they choose to ignore your calls. A new Android app developed by a mother hopes to curb that silent treatment by rendering smartphones almost unusable until they are finally answered. Sharon Standifird from New York was so fed up when her teenagers began ignoring her calls and text messages that she worked with a team of app developers to create Ignore No More. Once installed on an Android device, it has the power to shut down almost all of its features until the handset’s owner gets in touch with their parents.

Folks who aren’t old enough to live on their own and make their own decisions might not appreciate this app, but parents who are sick of their kids ignoring their phone calls are probably rejoicing right now. A new app called Ignore No More has made its way into the Google Play Store, and it allows parents to install a fool proof way to make sure their kids call them back. So how does it work? The parent installs the app on not only their phone, but any children of theirs who also own smartphones. Should the child be a little rebellious and decide to ignore their parents’ calls, the parent can remotely lock the device with a password that only they know. The only way for the child to get the password is to call the parent and ask for it. Sounds cruel, right? Well, it’s a heck of a lot better than not knowing what your kids are up to or where they are. The parents can determine a list of adults — likely themselves and other close relatives — that the children can call in case of the phone being locked down. They’ll also have the ability to call 911 and other emergency services, natch, so there’s no concern regarding safety.

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