Oh, look, it’s another new e-reader!



Barnes & Noble has something new up their sleeve, and it’s in the form of a new six-inch Nook. This isn’t the Nook Color. This is back to basics with the e-ink technology that made e-readers famous in the first place. This time Barnes & Noble has fully embraced touch-screen technology, but there is much more here than meets the eye.

The six-inch Nook features a full touch-screen display, which is different from the original Nook in that only the lower portion of it was touch-enabled and had a color display. You lose the color display entirely here, but what you gain is so much more.

  • Six-inch touchscreen
  • Up to two months of usage on a single charge
  • Ultra-fast page turning with almost no flicker
  • Weighs eight ounces
  • Access to over two million titles
  • Nook Friends allows sharing and social functionality

The new Nook is priced at $139. There is no 3G option, but I doubt that should deter that many people. But it should give Kobo’s latest e-reader a run for its money while also giving Amazon’s Kindle something new to worry about.

Be sure to check out some video by Engadget of the new Nook in action. It looks incredible so far.

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