New Bike Concept Has No Spokes But Plenty of Cool



It’s no secret that we here at Techi love our bike concepts – and this one seems even cooler than most.

Designed by Peter Hudas, the bike forgoes usual bike things like a chain and spokes in favor of a much more seamless design, and is aimed at urban commuters looking to trade their bus-pass in for two-wheeled style.


The aim here is twofold: firstly, the design reduces the weight of the bike, making it easier to pedal to and from your destination; and secondly, by having an internal drivetrain, it makes the concept much more weather-resistant than a regular bike.

Of course, most important is how cool, forward-thinking and fit you’ll look to all the cute guys or girls you happen to pass on your way to work. Right?

[Source: Picocool]
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