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New iMac Could Be Sensibly Priced – An Apple First!

new macbook pro imac

new macbook pro imac

Digitimes is reporting that Apple is apparently working on a new MacBook Pro and iMac to launch in the first half of 2G’s+11. The piece claims a new MacBook chassis design, but perhaps most intriguing is an alleged lower price point for the iMac.

I love Macs, and swear by their overall superiority in certain areas, but let’s be honest: as it is, they’re too expensive. Any hardware you can get in a Mac, you can generally equivocate in a PC for half the price. Even as a total Mac ‘fanboy’, I can admit that part of what you’re paying for is that wee little apple laser-cut into the chassis. Considering that, a lower price point might be just what the doctor ordered to help Steve put Mac sales over the top.

What do you think?

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