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New iPhone case enables Isis mobile payment support

AT&T is apparently getting ready to launch an iPhone accessory that will turn the smartphone into an Isis-ready, NFC-enabled device. Even though the iPhone doesn’t actually have a near field communication chip inside, which would allow users to use the device for NFC mobile payments, a leaked image provided by Engadget shows a special iPhone case which contains a micro-NFC chip.

If you’ve been waiting to make NFC payments with little more than your iPhone and an Isis account, we have news for you. A tipster sent us pictures of what looks to be retail packaging for the Incipio Cashwrap, along with supposed pricing information. The Cashwrap enables secure mobile payments via a micro-NFC chip and a mobile app and it’ll be available from AT&T for $70 according to our reader, with variants for most of Apple’s recent smartphones. 

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