New Motorola DROID smartphones are heading to Verizon

Motorola and Verizon have a special relationship in which Motorola would release devices exclusive to Verizon under the Droid branding. Now the DroidLanding Twitter account has been inactive for a while now, although a recent post has some speculating that we could be in for an announcement in the near future. The most recent Motorola handset to grace Verizon would be the Motorola Luge, which is basically a rebranded Motorola Droid RAZR M so we guess technically it’s not exactly a new phone. There are rumors that the Moto X+1 could be making its way onto Verizon but unless Verizon rebrands the phone, there is a chance that this might not be the Droid we are looking for.

This afternoon Verizon has made clear that they’ll be “reactivating” their DROID landing page. This means that the next Motorola smarphone is incoming soon – just a year after the last wave of Motorola DROID devices. Right on schedule – sort of. The Droid Ultra, Mini, and Maxx were released on July 23rd, 2013. The Droid RAZR, RAZR MAXX, and RAZR M were released in September of 2012. Given Motorola’s major changes over the past couple of years, we can easily assume that switching back to September for reveal and release is well within the realm of possibility for the brand. Expect the DROID line to closely replicate the Moto X+1 we’ll also see detailed on Thursday. All early clues can be found in our Motorola Autumn guide. The Motorola event that’ll hold all details for this device will be taking place on Thursday. We’ll be there live to bring you all smartphone and/or other device information from top to bottom, starting at 8:30 AM Eastern, September 4th. Stick around ourMotorola tag portal for the whole shebang.

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