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New patent suggests Microsoft is going to enter the smartwatch market

The world of consumer electronics has its fair share of trends, too, this I will not deny. In the early years, we have seen how notebooks have become slimmer and smaller in size, while the short-lived netbook niche also kicked off a different trend. For a while there were PDAs that led to smartphones that we know of today, and tablets did make the news for quite some time, too. Well, it seems that the smartwatch might be the next big thing, and Microsoft does not look as though they would want to miss out on the bandwagon as evident by their patent as revealed last week.

There has been plenty of speculation about a future Microsoft-powered smart watch, and while there has not been any strong rumours regarding availability yet, many think the accessory is inevitable, due to strong moves by Apple and Google in the area.  We have seen a recent patent for a fitness band by Microsoft (right), and today we bring you a recent design patent which may reveal what the device will actually look like. The design patent, for “The ornamental design for an electronic band, as shown and described” appears to be for a rather sleek device with a pretty large screen and tapered band. It is of note that that design is very similar to the fitness band patented, suggesting that this may be close to the final appearance.


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