New research suggets that humans would rather take orders from robots


How well do you take orders? Well, it seems that we humans are a strange lot, at least according to this particular research that hails from folks over at the MIT which confirms how within a two-human, one-robot team that are working together toward a common goal, it would be the humans who would prefer the robot be in charge. Orders from robots are preferred where handling a manufacturing task is concerned, and it looks as though with a robot in charge of the team, the entire enterprise might be more productive.

Research coming out of MIT confirms that in a two-human, one-robot team working toward a common goal, the humans would rather the robot be in charge. Not only do human participants prefer taking robo-orders when it comes to tackling a manufacturing task, but the robot ended up leading the team in a more productive manner than the humans could.From MIT: “The fully-autonomous condition proved to be not only the most effective for the task, but also the method preferred by human workers. The workers were more likely to say that the robots “better understood them” and “improved the efficiency of the team.” [Project lead Matthew] Gombolay emphasizes that giving robots control doesn’t mean a team of cyborgs will be running the show. It means the tasks are delegated, scheduled, and coordinated via a human-generated algorithm.”

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