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New website lets users discover the meaning of rap lyrics

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The online lyrics industry is one in which “few thought [adding value] could be done,” according to Rand Fishkin. But a new website,, has entered the scene and is bringing new meaning to old rap songs. provides a platform for users to register as members and submit their interpretations of rap lyrics. With the tagline “rap lyrics translated into English,” takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to re-interpreting lyrics which are often difficult to comprehend.

For example, the site “translates” the title of Nelly Furtado’s hit song “Promiscuous” to “Flirty and Open to Sexual Endeavors.” Similarly, Rich Boy’s hit “Throw Some D’s” is translated to “Augment Your Vehicle With Some 22-Inch Rims.” The site translates not only the titles of rap songs, but also the entire body of lyrics.

Users are not required to register as a member of the site to read other users’ submissions (“Cracks”), but membership is required to participate in the site’s voting system. employs a point system to incentivize users to submit Cracks and interact with the site. The site claims that points currently may not be used for anything other than bragging rights, but that soon, points will be redeemable for rewards.

Individual Cracks may be voted up by other members of the site, which yields points for the original author, as well as a point for the user submitting the vote. Users earn points just for registering as a member, and uploading an avatar. Additionally, points may be earned by commenting on other users’ Cracks, receiving comments on their own Cracks, completing a friend request, and other actions. has made a strong entry into the social media scene, as well. Headed by Jayson DeMers, also the founder of AudienceBloom (an SEO & social media marketing agency), the site has enjoyed a quick expansion of followers in Facebook and Twitter. Launched at the end of May 2012, now boasts over 4,500 Facebook fans and over 2,900 Twitter followers. Aside from Facebook and Twitter, is active in Pinterest, Flickr, and Youtube as well.

The site creates and shares daily images of rap artists mixed with “translated” lines of the original artist’s lyrics to create eye-opening renditions. On the site’s Youtube channel, also publishes videos of the translated lyrics spoken by a computer voice to the original beat and melody of the Cracked song, resulting in some surprising realizations about how some people interpret the original song lyrics. has quietly entered the industry amidst praise as a hilarious new spin on old classics. User comments on Cracks, consisting mostly of “lol” and similar indications of comic success, show that, rather than being a lyrics site, is really more of a humor site that derives its comedy by publishing parodies on popular rap songs.

Fans of rap music will undoubtedly enjoy reading other users’ interpretations of these old classics, as well as contributing their own interpretations, while newcomers will enjoy reading “translations” of often heavily-taboo subject matter. Whether you’re a fan of rap music or not, provides a comedic twist meant for anyone to enjoy.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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