New website turns Twitter into a question-and-answer platform

A new website called Screech sifts through  Twitter and collects all of the posts from people who are seeking answers to questions. The website then highlights these questions in a stream that users can browse and allows them to respond to the questions they know the answer to. The designer of Screech, Sam Piggott, claims that the website took an afternoon to make and that the most difficult part was choosing the color scheme. 

One of the great things about social media is that it’s a quick and easy soapbox to get on to voice all sorts of opinions. But on occasion, it is also used as both a means to ingest and request random information, and one of the places most Internet users turn to for help is of course, Twitter. And if you happen to be a regular online do-gooder, digital designer Sam Piggott has come up with a nifty way for you to lend a virtual hand to those who require your knowledge and expertise.

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