Nintendo has greatly improved the Wii U with its recent system update


Japanese gaming company Nintendo has just rolled out a brand new system update for their current generation console, the Nintendo Wii U, which would bump up the console’s software version to 5.0.0, where it will see the inclusion of the long awaited quick start menu option that has been specially designed in order for players to dive right into their games faster than ever before. This new quick start option would then enable Wii U owners to access recently played or installed software should they turn on the console via the GamePad’s home or power button.

If you’re planning to play Mario Kart 8 in the near future, you may have a wait ahead of you thanks to the latest Wii U update. Ironically enough, though, this should speed up the process of playing games from here on out. The patch (version 5.0.0 U) most notably adds a quick start menu to the GamePad that gives access to a handful of recently played or installed software — something the company showed off back in January. What’s more, asKotaku spotted, you can now download and install updates while the system is in standby, and Nintendo’s gargantuan controller can even receive push notifications from the system when it’s in its low-power state. Exactly what those will entail is anyone’s guess, though. If you’d like a preview of how the rapid-boot menu works ahead of using it for yourself, we’ve embedded a clip after the break.

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