No Facebook is the new punishment for teens


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Teens can get in trouble with their parents in many different ways. They can break curfew, get bad grades, fight with their siblings, and many more things deemed inappropriate by their parents. What do parents do to punish teens when they act out? It used to be that parents could take away television for a week. Parents then moved on to taking away their teens’ cell phones. While TV is still a popular punishment, there is an even more prevalent method that parents can use– no Facebook.

So, how do parents take away Facebook from their teenagers? What if the kid just creates a mock Facebook for the parents to take and still has a functioning account to play on? They might take away the teen’s computer all together which is a whole other punishment in itself because that requires them to lose email, Facebook, instant message, Skype, and many other capabilities. However, taking away the whole computer might be difficult if the teen has schoolwork to do on it.

Taking away Facebook might seem very strict to some teens. They have come to rely on this social media site to communicate and function in society. They use Facebook to talk to their friends and make social plans throughout the week. Sometimes they even use it to communicate for school purposes. But even though it seems harsh, no Facebook can certainly be an effective punishment. After a few days without Facebook, a teen will most likely be so cut off from the world that they will think long and hard before committing the same act of misconduct again in the future. So, what do you think? Is taking away Facebook a good punishment for parents to use against their teens?

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  1. This is actually a great idea. When I was a kid and got grounded my social activities were taken away from me; I had to stay inside. Blocking social networking sites is the logical evolution of this paradigm.

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