Nokia may have teased a new smartphone and tablet in a recent video


When Nokia sold its handset division to Microsoft back in 2014, the deal forbade Nokia from releasing its own handsets for a couple of years, which means that the company can re-enter the smartphone market later this year. Nokia has made it clear that it has every intention of doing so, and though we don’t have anything official to go on, the company released a video on Tuesday that talks about its plans for the future, which seems to include a new smartphone and a new tablet.

When Microsoft purchased Nokia in April 2014, it promised it would be back in the phone market as soon as it was allowed. With promises of a Nokia branded smartphone in 2016, and the reports of the first one being the C1, the future is once again looking good for Nokia. Now it’s been noticed, in a recently uploaded video to Nokia’s YouTube account, there may be two new devices on the way – a new smartphone and tablet. While we can only speculate right now, the C1 could be the phone shown at the 1:23 mark, with the tablet, a possible successor to the N1, shown at the 1:19 mark. Both devices are devoid of any form of branding. Rumours until now have pegged the C1 to have a 5-inch Full HD screen, 8MP camera and 2GB RAM – none of which we can confirm from the video. However, comparing the design of the handset in the video to the leaked renders from November 2015, we can draw comparisons to the rear cover colour, aluminium body and camera placement, which are all consistent with the renders.

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