Not Exactly the Fattest Beats, but It’ll Do…



Surely sometimes even the most digitally-addicted of us wants to ditch the cold machination of musical convenience that is iTunes and put in a little elbow grease – y’know, work for our music.

Audio engineering company GGRP Sound’s latest advertising mailer harkens back to an older time, a simpler time. A time when sound reproduction was powered by a crank.

Here’s how it works: the record is removed from its sleeve and affixed to a peg on the opposite side. A needle is secured, the whole deaile is folded into a tent shape, and playback is handled by a pencil or other styloid device. The record vibrates the cardboard, which amplifies the sound, and Bob’s your uncle.

Advertising Agency GREY Canada, who are responsible for this clever little unit, have really outdone themselves – now indie hipsters have an even lower-quality alternative to traditional vinyl turntables. Although, all sources say this little cardboard player actually sounds pretty good.

[Via Ads of the World]


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