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Now create infographic resumes with Visually

create infographic resumes with Visually

As images keep dominating the web through various uploads of personal photos on social sites like Facebook or Instagram to social image bookmarking sites like Pinterest. We love sharing our interests. As much as we love sharing, we love learning and the faster the better. That is why visual data such as infographics have been such a popular source to gain knowledge from with little to no hassle of retaining it within our minds.

People naturally associate images better with words and are able to remember visually more so than without images, it is why brands have logo’s and profiles have avatars. Our digital education is progressing and as we now can learn many things within one infographic about a subject, we too can learn a variety of subjects from in-depth to mundane information in a matter of minutes.

This form of communicating information has captured the Internet and many websites are unseen without a placement of an infographic at one point in time, this visual data we are becoming more and more accustomed to, is growing as we speak, literally.

The well-known infographic resource hub, Visually ( has been making great strides in the growth of the Infographic Industry, not only by making a variety of various free infographics available to the public, which has been both beneficial for marketers and viewers, they have also enabled the ability to have your desired infographic created by the graphic designers within their established community, through the Visually Marketplace. Furthermore, they have just announced a brand new way of displaying resumes, that’s right, they want you to make yours visually. (Pun intended)

Physical resumes are passé and are often discarded in the technological age that we have become. Other computerized resumes can be too lengthy and as our attention spans have shortened nobody has the time to review a resume, even when it is requested. There needs to be a faster process to gain the information about an inquiring potential employee than having to sift through a stock pile of pages or resume profiles around the web.

Visually has now found an easier solution by partnering with a leader in providing workforce solutions, to provide a visual tool that creates a resume infographic based entirely on a person’s LinkedIn profile, known as Kelly Services. Together they will provide a resume generating tool that has been designed by professional graphic designers and with the help of the expertise of data visualization personnel your resume will look sharp, inviting, advanced and you will have the quick ability to make any changes on-the-go.

Welcome to the new-age of resumes known as Visually Visual Resumes that will allow you through the Create section on Visually in which you can explore the latest form of infographics as resumes. There, you are able to utilize the tool to generate automated infographics for various types of data. Visually is changing the way we see information, one infographic at a time, and now using your resume.

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