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NSA denies infecting millions of computers with malware

The recent leaks published at Glenn Greenwald’s new home, The Intercept, detailed the NSA’s spread of malware around the world, with a stated goal of sabotaging “millions” of computers. As was noted then, the NSA hadn’t issued a comment. The GCHQ, named as a co-conspirator, had already commented, delivering the usual spiel about legality, oversight and directives — a word salad that has pretty much replaced “no comment” in the intelligence world. 

News broke earlier this week alleging that the National Security Agency ”has infected millions of computers around the world with malware.” The report cited newly available documents leaked by Edward Snowden that had previously been classified, and it also claimed the NSA “is impersonating US social media or other websites” to spy on people. The NSA has since issued a statement refuting the report, however, claiming that the allegations within are unfounded and untrue.

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