NVIDIA is powering this new “smart oven” known as June


A new countertop oven known as June is one of the more recent smart devices to make its way into the kitchen. Not only does the oven’s heating elements reach maximum power in a mere five seconds, it comes equipped with an internal HD camera that enables you to check up on whatever you’re cooking from your smartphone. The only real downside to this impressive NVIDIA K1-powered device is the price tag, which comes in at a whopping $1,495. 

The Soylent experiment may not have revolutionized the way we eat forever, but Silicon Valley isn’t content to let the kitchen go undisrupted. Meet June, a countertop device powered by carbon fiber wands that wants to make interacting with your oven more like interacting with your phone. On paper, June sounds a lot like a high-end gadget. It has a quad-core NVIDIA K-1 processor. It has a 1080px HD camera. It is Wi-Fi connected. It has a click wheel and a touchscreen interface with custom audio design. It has its own app, along with a software algorithm that uses computer vision to identify what’s inside with the onboard camera. One of its founders is a former Apple engineer who helped invent much of the technology inside your iPhone’s camera, including tap-to-focus and the lock screen camera. The other was a co-founder of Zimride, now known as Lyft. The design work was done by Ammunition, the studio run by Robert Brunner, of Beats by Dre fame.

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