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Old Laptop Into Digital Frame? Sure, Why Not?



Erik Pettersson isn’t about to spend over 100 dollars on a lame, featureless digital frame. And why should he, when he’s got an old laptop and a nice, modern picture frame from IKEA? Don’t answer that. This is too cool to suffer your smarmy comments.

Running on Ubuntu, the once lap-worthy machine has been hacked to bits by Erik, who can now update the frame at will using VNC over WiFi. In the event that’s giving him guff, he’s left the keyboard open in the back for manual adjustments. Too rad.

Sure, it has a cord running down the wall by necessity, but let’s be honest – this still looks way more attractive than any digital frame you’re gonna find off the shelf at Best Buy. Then again, it could be all the IKEA furniture in his living room that’s making it look so vogue. Who’s to say.

For a closer look at the process and the unit itself, as well as a tutorial on how to make your own, click here.

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