OnePlus is considering entering the Windows Phone market


There’s been a lot of speculation over how OnePlus will follow-up its popular flagship phone, the OnePlus One. We’ve heard rumors of a smartwatch, and last month the company revealed plans to launch a OnePlus 2 in 2015. Now it looks like the Chinese upstart could have its eyes set on an entirely new operating system. It recently met with Microsoft to discuss the potential of a OnePlus Windows Phone. The company revealed this bit of news during a recent interview with India’s Economic Times, when it confirmed that it’s considering the idea of a Windows-powered device.

Chinese handset maker OnePlus is set to officially enter India this December through an e-commerce partner, a route that has been successfully employed by mobile phone manufacturers such as Motorola and Xiaomi to sell their devices in the country. “India is a super hot market with rapid data growth and this is the right time to enter the market. We are talking to all three leading e-commerce players in India to start our operations,” Carl Pei, director of OnePlus Global told ET over a Skype call. “We hope to finalise our partner this week.” Analysts say the company, founded by executives of another handset maker Oppo in late 2013, has made rapid strides with its only smartphone, the OnePlus One, which features high-end internal components available for smartphones today at almost half the prices of flagship smartphones such as HTC M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5.

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