OnePlus is unveiling a new device next month but it’s not a smartphone


From the mouth of founder Carl Pei himself, OnePlus will be unveiling a new product next month and it won’t be a smartphone. The two most likely options are a smartwatch or a tablet but, according to Pei, the device won’t fall into those two categories either. So what could it be? The company has expressed interest in smart home gadgets or wearables but hasn’t offered any clue as to what those will be or when it will release them. 

According to OnePlus founder Carl Pei, who was spotted walking the grounds at MWC, the company is going to be entering a new product category next month. What will this new product be? The easy guesses, such as a smartwatch or a tablet, have both been denied by the executive. That still leaves quite a few possibilities such as branded speakers, a fitness band carrying the OnePlus name, or even a smart television. And of course, there is still the matter of the OnePlus One sequel. Pei had previously said back in January that the follow-up to the successful handset would “surprise people,” although what exactly he was referring to is still unclear. A smartphone isn’t a new product category, so we can rule out the OnePlus Two as being the mystery device.

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