OnePlus might release an even more affordable smartphone this year


Considering how OnePlus has already proven that it can offer a high-end smartphone for a mid-range price, I can’t imagine what an actual mid-range smartphone from the company would be like. According to a report out of China, I may just find out before the year is over, as OnePlus is reportedly working on an even more affordable smartphone for release later this year. 

After calling the OnePlus One as the ‘flagship killer’ and then equipping the device with high performing hardware, also packed with an attractive price tag, OnePlus is trying to build on the device’s successes this year. We’ve heard the rumors about a OnePlus 2 mini, yeah, and we now have it on good authority that OnePlus will indeed release a second, smaller phone this year. The OnePlus 2 mini comes as a mid-ranger and the launch will happen later in the year, but for now we can’t pinpoint an exact time. So, we can say that the launch of the OnePlus 2 Mini, sometime around this year’s IFA. This would surely be a mid range competitor for this year’s devices like Motorola, Nexus etc. We have been informed that the OnePlus 2 mini will not be a ”compact” device with flagship top- notch specs but rather a mid-range device. This could mean that OnePlus will be targeting emerging markets with this oneplus 2 mini.

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