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Online dating: How flirtatious do we get around the Holiday Season? [Infographic]

social dating during holiday season

The Holiday Season is a joyous time full of marshmallows and hot chocolate, fireplaces and snowfall. It is also a time in which we enjoy cuddling up with a special someone, maybe for a moment of for a lifetime, regardless, tis the season to be flirtatious.

As the stormy relationships of this year’s past are now nothing but ghosts, we seem to be turning to online dating sites to create new relationships for the present and the future. We certainly are not a Scrooge when it comes to love and would prefer to have sips of egg nog with someone we meet from an online dating site since it is more convenient as we spend more of our spare time on the Internet anyways.

In the following infographic you will be able to view statistics on how flirtatious we become during the Holiday Season and how we use online dating site to best find compatible suitors.

How flirtatious do we get around the Holiday Season[via Tagged]

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