Opel’s new adaptive headlights shine light wherever you’re looking


As useful as adaptive headlight technology is, isn’t it about time that the systems we have now be updated to modern standards? Opel thinks so, which is why the General Motors subsidiary is working on an adaptive headlight system that tracks your eyes and shines beams of light wherever it is you’re looking on the road. 

Adaptive headlight tech is handy, but it’s quite a complex system in place to just have the car point its lamps around a curve. Don’t get us wrong, it’s certainly worth it and we have no issue with directional lights giving us that extra fraction-of-a-second reaction time, but for all the servos and GPS systems and actuators that go into it, couldn’t we come up with something a little more modern than a technology that can be traced back to a 1948 Tucker? Opel, GM’s European subsidiary, felt the same way, and are working on headlights that look where you look. Opel has already been busy developing a system of automotive lighting with eye-tracking tech: headlights that will light up the areas in front of you just by glancing at them.

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