Opera has refreshed its brand and adopted a new logo

Opera has always been a distant fifth in terms of web browser market share, which is why Opera Software has recently been expanding its software offerings so that it’s not so reliant on a mildly-popular web browser. With a string of acquisitions and new products over the past few months, the company is now much different from what it was back when it all it had was the Opera browser. With that in mind, Opera Software has decided to do a bit of a brand refresh with a new logo. 

Opera Software is no more. The company today announced a rebrand with a new logo and brand identity. In the process, it has changed its name to simply “Opera.” As the company notes in its announcement, Opera Software may have started out as a browser vendor, but it now offers a far wider range of products and it wants its new brand to reflect that. Opera Mediaworks, the company’s ad business, now reaches 800 million people per month. The company’s apps reach 350 million users across all of the supported platforms. The company also recently acquired Bemobi, a subscription service for premium apps, and VPN service SurfEasy. “Today, we see Opera more as an internet company providing great experiences online,” the company said in its announcement today, and not just as a traditional “software” company.

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