Oppo wants to ship 50 million smartphones next year


Oppo has managed to achieve moderate success in China, as well as a few other countries, thanks to its quirky and innovative designs. However, the company wants to take things to the next level in 2015, and hopes to join the top dogs of the smartphone market. Sources within the company claim that Oppo plans to ship more than 50 million smartphones next year.

Chinese manufacturer OPPO blasted onto the scene a couple of years ago when it stepped up to deliver smartphones alongside its already established electronics business; it now offers a range of smartphones and briefly held the acclaimed “thinnest smartphone in the world” title until it was snatched away by Vivo. The company prides itself for being innovative, rather than just another smartphone maker, boasting features only found on the more expensive flagships of the world; such an example is the motorized camera module that is built into the N3. OPPO shipped an estimated 25-30 million smartphones this year according to Digitimes, citing a source, who added that it is expected to double that number for next year with the expectation of at least 50 million units being delivered worldwide.

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