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Over 90% of iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 7

Come WWDC 2014 next week, we expect Apple to unveil iOS 8, although chances of iOS 8 being released will probably be in the later part of the year alongside the release of the iPhone 6. That being said, Chitika has recently revealed some new numbers and according to their findings, it seems that iOS 7’s adoption levels are at 90% for iPhone users, and 85% for iPad users, which is admittedly pretty impressive given that it’s been less than a year since its release. 

With three days to go until Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off, one research firm found iOS 7 adoption rose to new levels in the U.S. and Canada as with iPhone and iPad users continue to upgrade ahead of an expected iOS 8 announcement. According to the latest statistics from ad network Chitika’s analytics arm Chitika Insights, 89.7 percent of iPhone Web traffic in North America is being generated by handsets running some version of iOS 7. For iPads, the number is a bit lower at 84.8 percent of the whole, but the tablet-owning audience exhibited more growth over the past three months. Compared to the firm’s last study in February, 83.3 percent of iPhone owners were running iOS 7, meaning that number rose 5.4 points over the past quarter ending in May. Apple iPad users moved from 78.5 percent to 84.8 percent during the same period, representing a 6.3 percent increase. 

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