Overstock receives $20-$30 thousand a day in Bitcoin

Since started to accept Bitcoin as a purchase currency, the company has received a good press for its efforts to support the nascent cryptocurrency. Working with Coinbase to process Bitcoin, announced that it crossed the million-dollar sale mark in the currency earlier this month.

Last week, Overstock announced that it has so far seen over $1 million in Bitcoin purchases through its site. Overstock began accepting the digital currency on January 9 through a partnership with Coinbase, the popular Bitcoin exchange. We spoke to Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne to check up on what it’s been like facilitating business with Bitcoin. “There was a huge surge [in Bitcoin spending] the first day, with people showing support. It’s since dropped to $20k to $30k per day, but it’s gradually increasing from there. It’s going well,” he said.

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