Palm may be resurrected as and Android device brand

The last time we heard anything about Palm, the company had been acquired by HP after trying and failing to take on Android and iOS with its own webOS-powered handsets. Shortly after this, HP killed off the operating system and Palm disappeared from the tech world, at least until now. Recent rumors suggest that the brand might be coming back to the market with its own Android-powered device.

Most fans of smartphones would say that Palm’s popular webOS software died much too soon. In 2010 after HP bought webOS, they killed it off and allowed it to (slightly) live on as an open OS called Open webOS. Following the launch of Open webOS, LG acquired the operating system, but only the websites, documentation, source code and team behind the client side of webOS. After the LG acquisition almost two years ago, we haven’t really heard much of the operating system aside from a few rumors of LG bringing it to a smartwatch and the TV. We may be hearing much more about it in the future, though, thanks to some recent reports uncovered from the USPTO. According to webOS Nation, it seems as though Alcatel Onetouch, and Android device manufacturer, (sort of) purchased the brand as well as all trademarks and logos from HP earlier this year.

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