Paranoid Android is more or less dead at this point


Paranoid Android may not be nearly as popular as CyanogenMod, but it’s still one of the best custom Android ROMs out there at the moment. Unfortunately, the team of developers responsible for Paranoid Android have been releasing updates much more slowly in recent months, especially after OnePlus hired some of them to work on its own custom ROM, and now it looks like development might cease entirely in the near future. This is because developers for custom ROMs tend to put in as much work as they would at a real job, but without actually getting paid to do any of it. That’s why the Paranoid Android team is pretty much done, because without the core members that OnePlus hired off, the workload has become too much.

Paranoid Android has long been considered one of the most popular custom ROMs available on Android. Unfortunately, it looks like the development team might be throwing in the towel sometime soon. It’s no secret that the team has been slowing down as of late. After OnePlus hired a handful of key members from the Paranoid Android team to work on its new OxygenOS ROM back in February 2015, users running Paranoid on their devices quickly found out that future updates would be few and far between. The dev team did manage to push out Android 5.1 Lollipop to Nexus devices in July, though the team said the delay was largely due to the fact that they were missing the manpower they once had on their core team. So what’s to come of the custom ROM? Following a brief post from Paranoid Android’s Andre Saddler on Google+ claiming that the ROM is, in fact, dead, we reached out to one of PA’s project leads, Matt Flaming, for comment. Although he didn’t have any official statement to share from the team, Flaming relayed to us that the remaining members at PA have become too busy with their lives to continue working on the project. You see, the dev team has always been extremely small, so when everyone seems to have more important things to work on it can be difficult to get work done. Some of the members are focusing on finishing up college and have other important things going on.

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