PC cables may be a thing of the past with Intel’s new wireless chargers

If you’re like me and love technology but hate the rats nest of cables it requires, we could be in for some good news. Intel has demonstrated a system that could be incorporated into future computers that allows wireless connectivity for power, displays and connection to accessories like external drives. Wireless charging is nothing new, of course, but existing systems are something of a mess. They rely on inductive charging, which is ultra-short range and only suited to low-power devices like smartphones, and there are several competing and incompatible systems in use.

Intel’s post-Broadwell next-generation platform — codenamed Skylake — will lead to Intel reference designs that eliminate all cables from the PC, the chipmaker announced Wednesday. On stage at the Computex show here, Intel’s Kirk Skaugen, senior vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, demonstrated wireless display, docking and charging features that will close the loop on the final few mandatory cables in the typical PC environment. The high-speed WiGig standard will be used as the short range “docking” technology, instantly creating a connection to a screen and peripherals when a device is moved within range and then swapping back out to standalone usage by just picking up and walking away. WiGig delivers speeds of up to 7Gbps. A truly wireless — and potentially tangle-free — PC has long been coveted, but the idea has been hampered by the practical need for connections with peripherals and the need for power. More recently, advances in areas such as wireless charging have made this more of a reality.

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