Pebble’s CEO warns Apple and Google to keep their platforms open


Unless they want to stifle innovation and harm consumers, Apple and Google need to ensure that their platforms remain open. That’s what Eric Migicovsky, the founder and CEO of Pebble, said at the Wearable World Congress in San Francisco earlier this week. He warned the to company’s that using the control they have over their platforms to shutdown competition is bad for everyone. 

Pebble founder and CEO Eric Migicovsky has a message for tech giants like Apple and Google: Keep your platforms open unless you want to crush innovation and disserve your customers. Here’s what Migicovsky said at Wearable World Congress, a San Francisco conference put on by ReadWrite’s parent company: “We’re building on top of other people’s platforms. In this world where everything is interconnected, and you see devices like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nest and other connected devices that are using the Android, using the iOS platforms, it’s kind of a time for these entrenched, kind of old school, mobile-generation [companies] to make sure that they’re keeping a fair and open environment for newcomers who are building on top of these platforms. It would be crazy to think of Apple blocking an app like Misfit, or Jawbone, or Fitbit even because they make products that compete with the Apple Watch.”

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