Pepsi may be working on its own smartphone


It’s common for companies to expand to new markets and diversify, but this may be the craziest diversification we’ve seen in a while. A sketchy report out of China suggests that Pepsi, of all the companies, is working on its own smartphone. It’s almost guaranteed that the company won’t actually make the smartphone, and will instead hire a separate company to develop and manufacture it with a Pepsi brand name, but it’s strange nonetheless, and we’re not even sure if this report is legitimate.

When you think about Pepsi, the last thing that comes to mind is probably the word “smartphone”, unless of course you may have spilled Pepsi on your smartphone at some point in the past, thus linking the two pieces of the proverbial puzzle together. However, interestingly enough, today we came across a couple of clues suggesting that the corporation dedicated to manufacturing and marketing snack foods & soft drinks might soon release its own smartphone. It’s a pretty crazy world we live in and we could say that everything’s possible, but what gives credibility to this idea of a Pepsi smartphone is the fact that it seems to originate from an official Weibo account. The “source” linked below leads to a relatively new Weibo account called “Pepsi phone”. It appears to be an official account categorized in the “IT / electronics / mobile phone manufacturers” segment, but other than the header itself (image above) there doesn’t seem to be any concrete data regarding the mysterious smartphone and its whereabouts.

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