Periscope users are strangely obsessed with people’s refrigerators


It’s been a few days since Twitter launched Periscope, a Meerkat-like live streaming app, and one thing has become abundantly and confusingly clear: people really want to see what’s in your fridge. Nobody knows how it started or why it’s continuing but it appears as though Periscope users have an obsession with looking inside other people’s refrigerators. 

What’s in your fridge? Periscope users want to know. In the days since Twitter launched the live streaming video app, requests to peek into other users’ fridges have, by our unofficial polling, proven more popular than just about any other comments during a Periscope video. Some enthused users are even using the #fridgeview or #showusyourfridge hashtags on Twitter. Aaron Trent, a 29-year-old retirement planner in Greenville, South Carolina, was checking out Periscope with a friend Friday evening when they noticed users in virtually every stream clamoring for a look at the fridge.

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