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Phil Schiller takes the stand in the second Apple-Samsung trial

Apple is famous for its high-profile product launches, so it came as no surprise that when Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller took the stand at a California court on Tuesday, he mostly stuck to the script. With his company embroiled in a legal battle over patent infringement with Korean-based handset maker Samsung, Schiller rehashed the same defense that he offered when the two companies last met in court in November, also over a patent dispute. 

As the first day of Apple’s second California patent trial against Samsung drew to a close on Tuesday, the suit’s first witness, Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller, took the stand to deliver testimony nearly identical to that given twice before during the first Apple v. Samsung case. As noted by multiple in-court reports on Tuesday, Schiller hit the same bullet points under direct examination, taking jurors into the process behind developing, producing and marketing Apple’s iPhone. A familiar story for tech reporters and anyone who followed the first Apple v. Samsung trial, Schiller walked jurors through Apple’s “New Product Process,” just as he did last November during a retrial for vacated damages. Paramount to the executive’s testimony was conveying the risk Apple took in developing the iPhone.

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