picMD is World’s First In-Phone Virtual Makeover



ModiFace Inc. announced today that the company will be releasing picMD, the world’s first In-Phone Virtual Makeover feature that will be available for web, the iPad and iPhones. The innovative product allows users to makeover photos with only the touch of a few buttons.

Need to make a decision about make-up colors or wondering what your hair would look like if you dyed it a different color? With picMD you can make yourself over anywhere, anytime. This product would be good for someone like me, who changes their mind a lot about what to wear, how to do my hair and which makeup to use with which outfit. It’s really exhausting sometimes but picMD offers users complete convenience with their product.

“Within seconds, any website can add our unique in-photo virtual makeover tool to their site.  Hundreds of real life colors instantly become available for the site’s visitors to try on their own photo or a model photo.  The best part is, once it is on their website, it will be fully functional across a range of browsers and devices including the iPhone and the iPad.  In other words, your website will be transformed into a functional iPad virtual makeover application with literally one line of code,” says Nikkie Gatto, ModiFace Resident Beauty Expert.

ModiFace Inc. was founded in 2006 and is the world’s largest and most most advanced virtual makeover platform.

[Source: ModiFace]
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