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Pinterest is preparing to delve into e-commerce

Pinterest’s potential as a shopping destination has been recognized by many and rumors that the company will be adding shopping features have been popping up for a while now. Now Re/code has information from multiple sources that suggests that the company is currently in the process of laying down the groundwork for these features which could launch within the next six months.

Move over, Pinning. Here comes buying. Pinterest, the digital scrapbooking service, is laying the groundwork for an e-commerce offering with a “Buy” button that could launch in as little as three to six months, according to multiple sources. One of the people cautioned Pinterest may wait longer to roll it out, while another said the shopping feature would likely start as a limited test. The Buy button would allow Pinterest users to order and pay for some of the products they discover on Pinterest without leaving the company’s website or app, these people said. Currently, Pinterest’s 70 million monthly visitors use the service to save and share images of things like recipes, furniture, food and clothing. But since Pinterest burst onto the scene several years ago, industry observers, analysts and users have been waiting for the day that it would transform itself from a digital corkboard into a digital mall.


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