Pinterest makes it easier to shop with new Gifts Feed

Buying gifts through Pinterest just became a lot easier. A new Pinterest Gifts feed has been launched which only displays products that are available for purchase. In this feed users will see “Product Pins,” that are accompanied by additional information such as availability, price and the location from where the item can be purchased. Currently described as a “work-in-progress,” the Gifts Feed can be filtered based on price just by clicking on the relevant dollar signs from $ through $$$$.

Pinterest is upping the game with its business products. Last week, it launched a new Gifts Feed. The Gifts Feed prominently displays various gifts Pinterest users can purchase- for others, or even themselves of course! The Gifts Feed only features Product Pins, a business product released last year and one that I wrote about here. Product Pins pull in extra information about a product, such as the merchant’s name, its price, and whether or not it is currently in stock. These pins sometimes even alert Pinterest users when a product pin they’ve repinned before drops in price. The idea of Product Pins is to increase the amount of sales businesses see from Pinterest. Thus far, Pinterest says they’ve driven high click-through rates.

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