Pinterest now lets you search for things you can’t describe with words

Have you ever seen something cool on Pinterest that you wanted to find out more about, but you couldn’t come up with the right words to describe it and search it up? Well, fortunately for you, Pinterest has a solution. In a blog post earlier this morning, Pinterest announced that it’s rolling out a new visual searching feature that allows users to select specific parts of an image and then search for similar images, kind of like how Google’s reverse image search works. 

Heads up, Pinterest fanatics: the social pinboard service is rolling out a handy new visual search tool that should make it a lot easier to identify specific items in pins. “Sometimes you spot something you really love on Pinterest, but you don’t know how to find it in real life, or what it’s even called,” Pinterest Engineering Manager Kevin Jing wrote in a blog post. “There’s that perfect lamp hiding in a Pin of someone’s living room, or maybe a random street style shot with the exact shoes you’re looking for.” Now, instead of typing “black pendant light” or “brown oxfords” into the search bar and scrolling through endless options, there’s an easier way. The new visual search tool is similar to Google’s reverse image search, letting you find things you may not have words to describe. The next time you spot something in a pin you want to learn more about, just tap the search tool in the corner. From there, you can zero in on the item you’re interested in, select it, and Pinterest will show you similar pins. You can also filter visual search results by topic to find what you’re after. The new visual search tool is rolling out today, and will be available via Pinterest’s mobile apps and the Web.

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