Pinterest testing boards to share with chosen users



Pinterest is a fun image-sharing social network that allows us users to share visually with others publicly on what we deem enjoyable, cool, geeky, educational or fun. Truly the topics are endless since we are able to create our own boards, naming them what we want and the more imaginative the better.

The site allows us to choose the category we want to add the board to as well as a description of what type of visual content people can expect within each board they choose to follow.

Today, Pinterest has announced that they are testing a new feature of “Secret Boards” where you are able to add images to a board you create and share it with people you chose without it going public. This is now available on all Pinterest accounts and is located at the bottom of your profile. For now, Pinterest is allowing each user to have three secret boards since they are simply testing the feature and if liked by its users they will roll it out so you can have even more boards you can keep a secret.

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