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Pocket shows off prototype of upcoming Android Wear app

The popular company behind Pocket, which lets you save articles for reading later and operates under the same name, is already working on software for Google’s brand new Android Wear platform. Android Wear will power a new generation of wearables, and heavy hitters such as LG and Motorola have already confirmed that smartwatches running the OS will launch later this year. Of course, any good hardware isn’t great without software. 

Googled unveiled Android Wear this week and encouraged developers to build apps purpose-built for the wrist. Pocket is among the first companies to rise to the challenge, showing off a prototype version of a software development kit for Android Wear today that will let you save links directly from your watch. The prototype allows developers to integrate Pocket into their own apps so that users can save items with a couple of taps. “Up until now, smartwatches have focused solely on delivering short notifications,” Pocket says. “What’s been missing is the ability to quickly act on that information by saving or sharing it.”

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