Polaroid unveils its two new Android tablets at CES


Polaroid may be best known for its instant cameras, but the company has recently expanded into the tablet market as well, and at CES this week, Polaroid unveiled two new additions to its tablet line. Dubbed the L7 and the L10, not much is known about these new tablets except that they’ll be 7 inches and 10 inches respectively. 

While Polaroid is best known for its photo cameras, the company is also selling other products – including tablets. The latest slates announced by Polaroid (at CES 2015) are the L7 and L10, both being affordable devices that should go on sale in the US sometime this spring. The Polaroid L7 is a 7-inch tablet, while the L10 is, of course, a 10-inch one. Both have simple designs, run Android 5.0 Lollipop (near stock, as far as we can see), and are powered by what Polaroid is calling “super-fast” quad-core processors. The maker of these processors isn’t known, but we suspect it’s not Qualcomm. While they don’t offer cellular connectivity, the L7 and L10 have Wi-Fi, in addition to Bluetooth. Furthermore, the slates feature rear and front-facing cameras, plus front-mounted speakers, and “extended battery life.” There’s no word on the display resolution, the amount of RAM, or the internal memory that the L7 and L10 are offering.

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