PornHub has created its own fitness tracker… I’m serious…


PornHub is definitely one of the most adventurous adult websites out there. It used to have a billboard in Times Square before it was forced to take it down, it gave away free virtual reality headsets to promote its virtual reality porn section, and now its delving into the already crowded world of physical fitness. The website has created its own fitness tracker called the BangFit, which is supposed to be worn while doing what PornHub calls “sexercise,” and will tell you how many calories you burned while doing it.

With the fast advancement of the technology today, fitness trends have also risen, which brought in products like fitness watches and health bands. These contraptions aim to help us monitor our health more accurately, and help keep us fit. Adult video website Pornhub had this in mind, and has come up with the “BangFit,” a gizmo that aims to introduce a new way of getting fit, while probably having the time of your life. The BangFit system provides users with “sexercise” videos they can follow along, and then monitor how much calories they are burning while doing the deed along the way. How does it work? A user can access the BangFit web application here, and then sync to be able to access the game to their phones. The game can be played by one up to three players. The user (or users) can now choose their “sexercise,” with the amount of calories you can burn being displayed on each act. Now this where the “BangFit” comes in. Players will have to strap in their phones into the BangFit belt to measure how they are doing while performing the “sexercises,” and the system grants the player/s points for their performance. Each game will last for at least 30 minutes.

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